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  • "Impressive... Sexy, sophisticated soul-chill."
    - Bill Picture, San Francisco Examiner

  • "Distinctive... In a world in which R&B seems to roll off an assembly line, Minga's chilled-out vibe is like a welcome summer breeze."
    - Michael Oatman, Cleveland Free Times

  • "Minga oozes sensual R&B... File under 'must-have.'"
    - Chris Nixon, San Diego Union-Tribune

  • "A chill-room goddess in waiting."
    - Gerald Poindexter, MixLab

  • ""A sound that is impressive, distinctive and sensual. Smooth, seductive, jazzy with excitement."
    - Sante Furio, Vigore Magazine

  • "A great addition to a groove collection..."
    - MS, Vision Magazine

  • "Velvet voice... A lush, tripnotic groove."
    - Laney Goodman, Women in Music

  • "A star is born!"
    - Joerg Michael Schmitt, Sonic Soul


In the club. In the lounge. In the way that says "night time is the right time," Minga captures the smoldering essence of after-dark cosmopolitan life. Her songs feature a sultry union - Minga's sensual vocal vibe wrapped around warm jazz textures and chill R&B grooves. As far as threesomes go, this one bears infinite musical fruit: music that burns brightly with neo-soul energy; tracks that scorch themselves onto your memory. Co-produced by Danny de la Isla (Anastacia, George Winston), Minga's music ventures to nocturnal musical environs where the universal love jones lives amidst lush horns, languorous guitars, and deep, coercive beats. "The late-night feel plays on both physical and emotional levels," says Minga, "because those hours are magical, and because falling in love, being in love, is like that - physical, emotional, rapturous."

Minga's music is "like that" too - rapturous, all-encompassing. From the flirtatious admonitions of "Good"; the playful sexuality of "Strange Together"; the resolute vulnerability of "Easy For You"; the bittersweet devotion of "No Matter"; and the happy-ending hopefulness of "Perfectly." Simply put, Minga proves that life is better on the "Flipside."

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